Airport Services

Postal Services

FedEx and UPS Airlines. The general avionics air terminals are host to an assortment of organizations. Ethereal utensils, for example, M&M Air Service, help crops flourish. Air emergency vehicle administrations.

Medical Services

There is the Air Medical and CareFlight, are based at general aeronautics air terminals all through Texas to give life-sparing crisis flights where required. At Kerrville Municipal Airport, the airplane fabricating happens in the Mooney processing plant. These air terminals support firefighting and catastrophe aid ventures. There are health amenities accessible at MAF for all travelers. All of whom are expected to express their unique needs to airlines before departure. The airport is likewise equipped with facilities for the impaired. Also, there are washrooms situated for voyagers all through the terminals.

Additional Services

The airport accommodates one of the most delightful traveler lounges in the nation. There is free Wi-Fi Internet, which is accessible to all travelers. Solace stations are available around the airport location. There is an air terminal exhibition hall devoted to the historical backdrop of Midland International Airport. Gadgets charging stations are situated close to entryways past security. Baggage carousel offers gear trucks requiring little to no effort to travelers. There are no cafés or blessing shops at Midland International Airport. ATMs are situated close to the baggage claim.


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