Customs and Border Control

The Customs and Border Protection at MAF is focused on natural and social stewardship while playing out their center missions of airport security and the help of genuine exchange and travel. CBP works connected at the hip with other Federal, customs, state, and nearby offices, just as non-legislative associations (NGOs), to satisfy ecological consistency guidelines and to guarantee insurance of the nation's common and social assets. Furthermore, MAF CBP works steadily to coordinate mindful natural practices – including consolidating manageable practices – into all parts of our dynamic and activities.

Port staff is the face at the fringe for most freight and guests entering the United States. At MAF, CBP officials or Port workers acknowledge sections of the product, gather obligations, implement the import and fare laws and guidelines of the US national government, and direct movement strategy and projects. Ports additionally perform agribusiness investigations to shield the country from potential bearers of the creature and plant bugs that could do genuine harm to the country's harvests, animals, pets, and the earth. Midland International Air and Space Port Customs is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5 pm. If the help is essential, please give notification ahead of time. If you have any inquiries, contact Port Director Henry Arriaga.